Michel Blouin - Painter.


Michel Blouin - Painter and Poet

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Interview with Michel Blouin - Bulls and Humans Solo Exhibit (Galerie Québec Art, May 2019). Host: Catherine Gagné.

« Being True to Oneself - In Praise of Artistic Creation », text from Michel Bois, Magazin'Art, vol. 28, Summer 2016, no. 112 (p. 70-72).

In this video, reporters Pascal Evans and Mario Demers, from LeZarts television broadcast, make us discover Michel Blouin’s universe (video in French).


To convey poetry that stands in each form of life : this is my artistic process in painting as in litterature.

I’m born in Île d’Orléans, near Quebec City, surrounded with lively and colored Nature.

My expressive paintings, sometimes wild, are reflecting this land where I live. They are an hymn to imagination, to self discovery and search of the Other.


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