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Artistic Process


Sharing same spirit with my writing – but resolutely more instinctive –, my pictorial work becomes its prolongation in space. It stands as a reflect of my poetic daydreams.

Colors are my feelings and shapes are my thought. Everything inspire me, beauty as much as melancholy.

When I’mpainting, I give way to moment and pictural impulse. I try to give place to whole liberty of expression. Colors are guiding me I want my paintings to be part of Nature and Life that is broking and arising inside me.

Painters, writers, musicians, poets, all we are God’s orgasm.
All creation surges from mankind.
In each grain of color and form stands its beauty either dying or at its climax.

Press and interviews

LeZarts television broadcast - March 2011 This link open a new window.
Reporters Pascal Evans and Mario Demers, from LeZarts television broadcast, make us discover Michel Blouin’s universe.

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